20th NY Congressional Candidate Liz Joy a Real Hero

Daniel T. Weaver

Liz Joy is a real hero. She chooses not to focus on her heroism, so others have to do it for her. You probably remember the incident. In August of 2018, a man entered a salon, Beauty and Bliss, in Colonie. He entered the room where Denise Caulfield was giving a customer a nail treatment and began stabbing Caulfied. Continue reading “20th NY Congressional Candidate Liz Joy a Real Hero”

Attacks on Congressional Candidate Liz Joy Uncalled For

I have observed often that people who preach tolerance and want it for themselves are often intolerant. Take the case of Thomas Hurd-Toften. Hurd-Toften is a resident of the Town of Root. A couple of years ago, he and his boyfriend applied for a marriage license from the town clerk, Laurel “Sherrie” Eriksen. The two men alleged that Eriksen refused to grant them a license. Subsequently they sued the Town of Root, and the town settled with them for $25,000. Continue reading “Attacks on Congressional Candidate Liz Joy Uncalled For”

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