Are you interested in writing for the  albaNY apple? We are looking for submissions relating to any aspect of New York State Politics, Culture and History. Culture is a broad term that includes literature, film, religion, entertainment and much more. While albaNY apple is primarily a conservative/libertarian publication, we will consider opinion pieces from a classical liberal viewpoint also. News and history articles should not express a political viewpoint.

While most of our content is non-fiction, we are interested in posting some satirical pieces. Satirical pieces can be political in nature or comment on some aspect of our culture, particularly as it relates to New York State.

In general articles should run between 600-1000 words. Query us if you have an idea that requires more words. Lively, original style will be given priority. If you have published the piece elsewhere let us know.

We cannot pay for articles right now, but it is our goal to do so in the near future. Writers who commit to writing for us early on and on a regular basis will be paid first before anyone else.

If you have an idea for an article or regular column, please contact us through our contact page.

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