20th NY Congressional Candidate Liz Joy a Real Hero

Daniel T. Weaver

Liz Joy is a real hero. She chooses not to focus on her heroism, so others have to do it for her. You probably remember the incident. In August of 2018, a man entered a salon, Beauty and Bliss, in Colonie. He entered the room where Denise Caulfield was giving a customer a nail treatment and began stabbing Caulfied.

Liz JoyThe attacker was Caulfield’s husband, Thomas. The customer was Liz Joy. Joy fought back. “I grabbed the first thing that I saw which was a rod iron mannequin and I ran back into the room with it and begin to hit him and we engage in a fight,” Joy said. Denise was on the ground, bleeding and fighting for her life.

According to WRGB, while Caulfield was distracted, Joy was able to run outside and flag down a man who came into the salon and subdued Thomas. Denise survived after “two lifesaving surgeries,” according to the WRGB report and “Joy was on crutches for 6 weeks and went through months of physical therapy.”

Others were involved in the fight to subdue Thomas Caulfield and to get help, which might partially explain Joy’s reluctance to speak about her own heroism. Nevertheless, Joy was a true hero that day, and her heroism is just one of many reasons why I will be voting for her in November instead of incumbent, Paul Tonko.

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