Montgomery County NY & General Grant’s Last Days

By Daniel T. Weaver

One of the more poignant stories in American history concerns the final weeks of Ulysses S. Grant’s life at Mt. McGregor in the summer of 1885. Knowing he was dying, he continued to work on his memoirs, which were the only asset the bankrupt former general and president had to leave his wife Julia.

While Mt. McGregor is located in Saratoga County, it was mostly Montgomery County men, who made it possible for Grant to spend the end of his life in this beautiful and relatively peaceful setting. Continue reading “Montgomery County NY & General Grant’s Last Days”

20th NY Congressional Candidate Liz Joy a Real Hero

Daniel T. Weaver

Liz Joy is a real hero. She chooses not to focus on her heroism, so others have to do it for her. You probably remember the incident. In August of 2018, a man entered a salon, Beauty and Bliss, in Colonie. He entered the room where Denise Caulfield was giving a customer a nail treatment and began stabbing Caulfied. Continue reading “20th NY Congressional Candidate Liz Joy a Real Hero”

Attacks on Congressional Candidate Liz Joy Uncalled For

I have observed often that people who preach tolerance and want it for themselves are often intolerant. Take the case of Thomas Hurd-Toften. Hurd-Toften is a resident of the Town of Root. A couple of years ago, he and his boyfriend applied for a marriage license from the town clerk, Laurel “Sherrie” Eriksen. The two men alleged that Eriksen refused to grant them a license. Subsequently they sued the Town of Root, and the town settled with them for $25,000. Continue reading “Attacks on Congressional Candidate Liz Joy Uncalled For”

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