Albert Vedder – Citizen Hero of the Revolution

Daniel T. Weaver

Shortly before one in the afternoon on Sunday, April 11, 1779, Albert Harmanus Vedder, who after the American Revolution would become the founder of what is now the City of Amsterdam, New York headed east from Fort Johnson on the turnpike that paralleled the Mohawk River. He was on his way to see Justice William Harper and Colonel John Harper at Daniel Claus’s house. Claus’s manor, which he called Williamsburg, was about a mile away (near the current Amtrak station) from Old Fort Johnson which Vedder had been renting from The Tryon County Committee of Sequestration since the previous year. A little farther down the valley was Colonel Guy Johnson’s house, occupied by Fergus Kennedy. The Tryon County Committee of Safety had confiscated the three manors because their owners were Loyalists.

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albaNY apple editor publishes book

Daniel T. Weaver, publisher and editor of the albaNY apple, has just published a book of 60 of his local history columns, most of which first appeared in the Amsterdam Recorder. Between the Cracks: Forgotten Stories of Amsterdam, NY and the Mohawk Valley can be previewed and ordered through amazon. Proceeds from the sale of the book will help keep albaNY apple going.Between the Cracks Continue reading “albaNY apple editor publishes book”

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