New York State Needs New Gov Not New Flag

By Daniel T. Weaver

NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to add the Latin phrase “e pluribus unum” which means “out of many, one” to the New York State seal and flag. E pluribus unum is the motto of the United States and appears on paper money and the great seal and was approved by congress in 1782. The NYS flag already contains the Latin word excelsior meaning ever upward. It is hard to imagine–in fact it is unimaginative to add the US motto to the NYS flag. If Cuomo were to add a new Latin phrase to the NYS flag why not something original? But why add something new at all? What’s the reason for it?

New York State FlagAccording to Cuomo in his State of the State Address, “In this term of turmoil, let New York state remind the nation of who we are. Let’s add ‘E Pluribus Unum’ to the seal of our state and proclaim at this time the simple truth that without unity, we are nothing.”

But how many people really look closely at the NYS seal and flag? How many people look at the money in their wallet and contemplate the “e pluribus unum” stamped on it? How many people look at it and wonder what it means? Will changing the flag really play a role in creating unity? And what has Andrew Cuomo done to create unity in NYS? Among other things, he has deliberately insulted millions of residents by saying that conservatives are not welcome in the state.

Even some Democrats are opposed to the change. I concur with Democratic Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara who posted the following on facebook that changing the flag is an unnecessary and costly change.

“Here we go again! We’ve seen bridges renamed, license plates redesigned and now a proposal to change our state flag. New York has a $6.1 billion dollar budget gap and the governor just can’t stop with his pet projects. People are not interested in changing the state flag! Anyone who is paying attention would know they are interested in PUBLIC SAFETY and KEEPING MORE OF THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY!”

With a continual loss of population, “ever upward” is no longer a representative motto for the state. Andrew Cuomo has not been able to turn that around. The state’s finances are on an ever downward spiral as well.

Maybe what NYS needs is not a new flag or a new motto but a new governor.

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20 thoughts on “New York State Needs New Gov Not New Flag

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    1. This Governor needs to one way or another. We need a Republican Governor to step.up and step in. We also need to.seperate N.Y.C that liberal city will never put a Republican Governor in office. I saw the results of last election. Most of the state was read. Except the bottomed of Orange County and parts of Rockland but all south of that was BLUE. He bought the vote from the Hasidics so that was the bottom of Orange and the parts of Rockland. The Hasids dont care who is in office they just care who will help them. This needs to change.


  1. Hearing the word unity come from Cuomo is the most ridiculous thing I`ve ever heard.His administration is the furthest thing from unifying I have ever seen.


  2. A veiled attempt to create yet another reason to reach deeper into residents’ pockets for even more of the hard earned fruits of their labor ……. Recall the idiot and remove him from office ……


  3. Excelsior means “Ever upward” and accurately refers to NY taxation and emigration out of the state.
    “E Pluribus Unum” however is misunderstood as inclusively celebrating diversity. Historically it was closer to a patriotic warning that if you come here you leave behind your old country and become AMERICAN. It was all about *conformity* with the new country’s ways. Now quoted by a socialist and controlling governor, it still means that – “accept an overbearing and infantile nanny state or get out.”


  4. So now Cuomo wants to spend our money to redesign the state flag. After redesigning said flag he will most likely outsource the manufacturer of this flag to India, Indonesia, or some other foreign country to replace the old flags, thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of flags, in every court room, school, troopers barracks, and state office building.
    Why? So he can say “look what I did.” This megalomaniac needs to pull his head out of the dark, smelly place where it resides most of the time and go away!


  5. Another waste of money, like the set of “Love NY” signs he wanted that didn’t meet DOT regulations and had to be taken back down!! Stop wasting our over-taxed dollars!!


  6. Cuomo You are a total screwup even worse than your dad! You needed a bridge to be named after yourself instead of keeping it the same on a the new bridge So you can be remembered. Now you want a new flag. Keep our flag of New York the same!!!!! Don’t worry you will be Remembered by your last messed up Bail bill. As the total fuckup that you are!!!!!!!!


  7. Stop spending more money on frivolous things and figure out to stop government spending and lowering our taxes and states deficit. Do your job as you were elected to do and start with giving back your raise and live on less as we all do.

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    1. I believe the point of the modern federal government is to be as pointless and frivolous as possible.

      That being said, politicians of substance and not smoke and mirrors would be nice.


  8. Dear Emperor Cuomo, I would prefer that you reconvene the Morelan Commission. Even you cannot evade discovery of corruption forever.


  9. not only a waste of our money,but you sir are also a waste.go to puerto rico and change their can garner more votes from their families here.


  10. This is the man who said , and I quote, “I cannot tax the rich or they will leave New York”, Now wants a new Flag . He already wasted millions of dollars by making those“Love NY” signs that he “KNEW” didn’t meet DOT regulations , then millions to have them removed , he didn’t meet the deadline to remove them, and we were sued for more money,He gave himself, and his Lt. Governor a pay raise after going to ask President trump for more money because he didn’t have enough money for our budget .Excelsior means “Ever upward” and accurately refers to NY taxation and emigration out of the state.
    “E Pluribus Unum” is closer to a patriotic warning that if you come here, you leave behind your old country and become AMERICAN. It was all about “conformity”.Hearing the word unity coming from Cuomo is the most ridiculous thing I`ve ever heard.His administration is the furthest thing from unifying I have ever seen.


  11. No great surprise. In Maine there are growing attempts to change the flag back from the Dirigo seal to the original Star and Pinetree seal. Why? Visibility they say. The modern Maine flag is indistinguishable they say.

    Honey, it says “MAINE,” right on it.


    Forget about the bigger pictures and let’s flirt with minutiae.


  12. You really need to get rid of all the Eric McGuires in NY, and cover all the remaining Republicans in styrofoam, then New York State will be just fine. Tweaking mottos and slogans is what governments do, always have done. What NY does not need is the GOP same old, same old.


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