albaNY apple Looking For Writers and Photographers

If you write imaginative, creative, quality non-fiction, albaNY apple is eager to publish your work. The albaNY apple’s focus is the politics, culture and history of New York State. We do have a center/right perspective but are open to well crafted, well argued pieces from other perspectives. Some of the kinds of writing we are looking for are:

By New York Zoological Society – This file was derived from: Chimpanzee seated at a typewriter.tif:, Public Domain,

History–articles can be about any locality in NYS or about the state itself.

Memoir & Nostalgia–pieces should have some connection with growing up in NYS.

Opinion–we are looking for well argued opinion pieces about issues facing New York Staters as a whole or issues facing particular regions or municipalities in the state.

Book, Film and Drama Reviews–while we will give priority to reviews focusing on NYS books, films and plays, we will accept some reviews on important books, films and plays that have no connection.

News–we are particularly looking for news stories not covered by the traditional media.

Photo Essays–a single evocative photo or a series of photos with a connection to New York State.

Here are some guidelines for our writers.

Length–minimum of 600 words. Photo essays do not have to have any text.

Payment–we are working on raising money to pay contributors, but at this point we cannot. When we begin paying contributors, regular contributors who have been with us from the beginning will be the first to get paid.

Previously published pieces–we will consider publishing pieces that have been published elsewhere as long as you own the copyright to them.

Copyright–you continue to own your work after we use it. You agree to our keeping it on our site indefinitely, but the work is still yours.

How to submit articles–please submit queries and articles in .doc format to our editor, Daniel T. Weaver, at Photos should be jpegs.

The albaNY apple has been in existence for only two months, and the number of hits continues to grow. Well written pieces can expect to be viewed 500+ times. We expect that number to increase dramatically over the next few months.

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